Youth vaccine

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What is Youth Vaccine ?

It is hyaluronic acid with 2 formulas. It contains both voluminous cross-linked hyaluronic acid and pure hyaluronic acid that gives water and moisture to the skin. Since it does not contain protein and nucleic acid, it is an organic product, unlike other fillings. 

From what age can the Face Neck Decollete Hand Back Youth Vaccine be applied?

After the age of 20, hyaluronic acid begins to decrease, and after the age of 35, this decrease accelerates. The reduction of hyaluronic acid requires volume and hydration support in the skin. 

How Long Is the Persistence Period?

The volume effect of the youth vaccine form lasts for 6-8 months, and the support for brightness, hydration and increasing elasticity on the skin lasts for 12 months. 

When Does the Youth Vaccine Take Effect?

The effect of the youth vaccine form, especially the volume and the upward structuring of the face, is immediately apparent. Brightness and vividness begin within 7 days and continue to increase within months. The effect will last longer if 2 liters of water is drunk per day.

How Often Can Youth Vaccine Be Applied?

In the IAL system, tiny vaccines are made to the skin 3 times. Vaccine (IAL System) is applied on days 0-15-21 and the positive effects are observed on the skin with brightness and blaze starting from the second day. It is recommended to do it twice a year. Repeating it twice a year ensures that the effect remains for a long time.

To whom is the Youth Vaccine Not Applied?

It is applied to all age groups after the age of 20

. It is a treatment that can be applied to everyone except cancer patients because it is an organic and pure product.

( -Tanıtımı yapılan içerikler kişiden kişiye , hormonal yapıya göre değişkenlik gösterebilir. )



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