Thread lift

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Thread lift

Thread lift, which is a French slinging method, is the removal of prolapse, loosening and wrinkle complaints by stretching the skin with threads developed in France, made of non-polyester silicone material and biologically compatible with the human body. It is a method that can be applied for treatment purposes for patients who do not want to undergo surgical procedures, who are not satisfied with their facial features, who complain of wrinkles and prolapse, prolapse in the abdomen postpartum, and even those who have had partial facial paralysis. 

How is the thread lift application performed?

  • Dynamic Threads are applied between approximately 45 minutes and 1 hour after local anesthesia. In the application area, the areas to be worked are determined by the control before the procedure and the threads are placed under the skin.
  • Since the attachment area of the thread is preferred as inside the head (over the ear), the process is completed without the need for stitches. Inflammation that may occur after the procedure can be relieved with painkillers.
  • Places of Application of Thread Lift Face lift can be easily applied with a thread sling on forehead lines, eyebrow area, goose foot, under-eye bags, smile lines, cheeks, sagging chin area, and double chin. With the thread lift, which is preferred because it is traceless, face lift can also be applied to the points you want.

Who can have the thread lift application?

  • It can be used both in women and men.
  • It is a therapeutic method that can be used in all patients between the ages of 35 and 70, who are not satisfied with their facial features,
  • who have prolapse and wrinkling on the skin surface,
  • and who have partial facial paralysis.
  • Since the product used is biologically compatible with the human body, it is possible to stay under the skin for many years. 

What should be considered after the thread lift application?

  • After the skin stretching application with a thread lift, a few days should be allowed for the skin to rest.
  • Jaw movements should be minimized.
  • Face washing should only be done with upward movements.
  • You should not sleep face down.
  • The treatment area should not be massaged or rubbed.

Are there any risks in the Thread Lift process?

Only fluctuations in the skin can be seen in the non-surgical thread face lift, which has much less risk than all skin lift applications. These dimples, which disappear in a maximum of 1 week, are not permanent. Effects such as swelling and bruising are short-lived and may disappear within 3 days.

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