Face Filling

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Face Filling

Facial filling is a non-surgical and minimally aesthetic application performed by the doctors of As Polyclinic for the purpose of removing wrinkles on the skin, plumping lips, adding volume to the face and shaping the face. Performed by the doctors of As Polyclinic centers, facial filling is injecting fillers under the skin in order to remove thin and deep wrinkles on the skin, treat scars, eliminate pits on the skin, thicken thin lips, give fullness to cheeks, and eliminate the loss of volume and elastic structure due to aging. 

Which Area Can Face Filling Be Performed?

The application areas of face and lip plumping are quite wide. Therefore, as As Polyclinic, we can list the areas where face filling can be performed and the problems it will solve as following;

  • Cheek filling
  • Chin filling
  • Lip filling
  • Removal of mid-brow lines.
  • Elimination of facial asymmetries Brow lift 


How is Face Filling Performed?

Before the face filling is performed in As Polyclinic centers, after the evaluation and examination of our specialist doctors, the problem areas are determined and the procedure process is determined. Then, the target areas are anesthetized with local anesthesia techniques, so that the person to be treated does not feel pain. Injection of facial filling material is performed with the help of special small needles or instruments called microcannula. 

Who Cannot Have Face Filling?

Facial filling applications in As Polyclinic centers are not applied to people who have immune-related diseases, wound healing problems, diabetes, cancer patients, and people in the risk group as allergic. Facial filling and lip plumping can be applied to people other than these people listed above, if our doctors deem it appropriate.


What are the Side Effects of Face Filling?

There are no side effects of having face filling other than temporary mild swelling and bruising. After filling applications, slight swelling may occur, which may continue for 1 week. These swellings are related to the water holding feature of the filling. Again, small bruises that can last up to 1 week can also be seen. After the face and lip filling procedures, water or make-up products should not come into contact with the application areas for up to 4 hours if the surface areas are targeted, and for 12 hours if the deep areas are targeted.

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