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AS Polyclinic offers beauty and polyclinic services in the field of aesthetics with its strong team, expert staff, modern architecture, advanced medical equipment, and the latest technology, with 31 different services in 4 different locations since 1998.


What is Skin Care? (The contents that are promoted belong to our beauty salon services) Skin care is the process of applying in-depth care processes suitable for the needs of the skin with professional products by experts in the field. AS Estetik applies all these application procedures in Beauty Salons to you with its experience and know-how of more than 23 years. 

AS Estetik beauty salons take care of cleaning and care to make your skin look healthy and beautiful, provides professional support to you in all aspects of skin care, such as wrinkles and aging that will occur by age. Even if there is no problem on your skin, having skin care once a month not only helps to eliminate possible acne, but also to regulate the moisture rate in your skin by providing cell repair and gives effective results in reducing fine lines.

As AS Estetik beauty services, we apply skin care procedures with world-famous products and cosmetics that we import ourselves, by the help of our expert estheticians. Visiting AS Estetik beauty salons once a month and getting regular skin care will provide you and your skin all the benefits we have listed above. 


How Often Should Skin Care Be Done?

Skin care starts with the daily and weekly treatments you perform at home. In order for these care processes to be sustainable and fruitful, the care process should continue with instrumented professional skin care. With the monthly and annual professional care applications we apply as AS Estetik beauty salons, our aim is to deliver care products to the lower layers of your skin, to meet the needs of your skin and to ensure the continuity of your skin's youth and freshness. The care process of the skin, unfortunately, cannot be achieved with products used at home. That's why we are waiting for you at AS Estetik beauty salons. Bring your skin the youth and freshness it needs with 23 years of beauty experience in AS Estetik beauty salons. 

Who Should Have Skin Care?

Everyone's skin continues to renew itself until it completes its development. However, since this renewal progresses slowly after the skin completes its development, it is necessary to nourish the skin with additional applications and to have regular care. For this reason, we can say that anyone who has completed their development for skin care can have a care in AS Estetik beauty salons. We aim to make your skin look better and healthier thanks to the applications you will have in AS Estetik Beauty Salons. -Promoted contents may vary from person to person, depending on the hormonal structure.

-Tanıtımı yapılan içerikler kişiden kişiye , hormonal yapıya göre değişkenlik gösterebilir.



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