Chemical Peeling

AS Polyclinic offers beauty and polyclinic services in the field of aesthetics with its strong team, expert staff, modern architecture, advanced medical equipment, and the latest technology, with 31 different services in 4 different locations since 1998.

Chemical Peeling

As the cell renewal in the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin, gradually decreases as we age, dead skin cells begin to accumulate on the skin surface. This causes the skin to look dull, darkish and toneless. As AS Estetik, we provide a healthy and renewed skin structure with the chemical peeling application we apply to the skin that looks like this, and we direct our expert estheticians to get the most accurate result on your skin. 

How Many Sessions of Chemical Peeling Should Be Applied?

First of all, we would like to state that the Chemical Peeling application performed by the AS Polyclinic will vary depending on the skin type and skin problems. Considering all these changes, we recommend repeating the application every 2 months to ensure that the skin retains its freshness, and 6-8 sessions at intervals of 2-4 weeks in order to get a response from the application. 

What Should Be Taken Care of After Chemical Peeling?

We would like to state that it is important to use the moisturizing and protective preparations recommended by our estheticians, if you work with the AS polyclinic expert estheticians in applying Chemical Peels. After all application procedures, we recommend that you protect your skin from the sun and take care not to use cosmetic products, make up and take a hot shower for the first 3 days

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