Medical skin care

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What is Medical Skin Care ? (Promoted contents belong to our Beauty Salon services.) 

Medical skin care is an application performed with dermocosmetic products in AS Estetik beauty salons. Medical Skin Care consists of steps to restore the vitality of the skin, to purify the skin from factors that cause the skin to look pale, such as oil, blackheads, make-up residues, to increase its moisture capacity, and to make the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) look more vibrant and healthier. Different skin problems occur in each person due to the age factor.

Therefore, before the medical skin care application in AS Estetik beauty salons, skin analysis is performed and acted according to person's skin problem and a suitable method is determined. Personalized care is offered according to the needs of your skin with skin care products and devices for different situations occurring in medical skin care applications in AS Estetik beauty salons. 

Medical Skin Care Stages?

In the medical skin care application to be performed in AS Estetik Beauty Salons, the needs of the skin are determined primarily by skin analysis. A healthy environment is created for peeling by purifying the skin from side factors such as oil and make-up residues. Afterwards, the skin is purified from dead cells with dermocosmetic products. With Jetpeel, pore cleaning is provided with supersonic currents that go down to the lower layer of the skin. Then, with steam therapy, the pores of the skin are opened and the skin is softened. Deep blackheads and oil buttons are removed from the skin after the cleaning process by our experts. Cleaned skin is disinfected. Collagen tissue is stimulated by ultrasound within the needs of the skin. It is fed under the skin with serum and oxygen therapy for the skin problem. Masks suitable for skin type are used to tighten the skin, which is saturated with vitamin support through open pores. Moisturizers to be applied according to skin type are thoroughly rubbed into the skin by AS Estetik Beauty salon specialists by means of skin massage. As the last step, the skin care process is completed with sunscreen. During this whole process, if your skin needs an additional care, AS Estetik beauty salon specialists apply the necessary care to your skin. 

What Should Be Considered After Medical Skin Care?

Since the fresh and new skin that emerges after medical skin care is not ready for external factors, we recommend using sunscreen for a few days following the procedure to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. In addition, we recommend avoiding contact with chemical products, not touching the skin for 3 hours after the application, and not smoking. We consider it a point to be careful not to apply any cosmetic product to the skin during the day of the procedure

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