Migraine Treatment with Botox

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Botoks ile Migren Tedavisi

Migraine disease, which negatively affects the quality of life, is accepted as an important health problem all over the world. Although many drugs and methods have been tried in the treatment of migraine and have been successful at different levels, there is not yet a method that will completely treat the disease.

Deterioration in the quality of life and loss of workforce in proportion to the frequency and severity of the attacks lead to serious material and moral losses, and the search for a solution to this health problem has increased.

What are the symptoms of migraine?

  • Prodrome: Minor symptoms experienced before pain is felt. Such as constipation, restlessness, tendency to eat
  • Aura: some patients may experience neurological disorders. These are called aura attacks.
  • Attack

What effect does Botox have in the treatment of migraine?

Migraine treatment with Botox is a medical practice that emerged as a result of coincidence. 
After the botox applications were applied to the face for aesthetic purposes, a significant decrease in migraine attacks (50-80%) and a serious decrease in the use of drugs due to migraine were determined in a very significant part of the patients, and scientific studies on the subject were initiated.
As a result of these scientific studies, it has been discovered that there are nerve compression points in the head and neck region that pull the trigger of the migraine attack. Migraine treatment with Botox is based on blocking the muscles that compress the nerves. In other words, compression of the nerves is prevented, so the trigger that initiates the migraine attack cannot be pulled.

How to treat migraine with Botox?

The most important step for the treatment of migraine with Botox is the correct detection of trigger points. In this context, trigger points are determined in the forehead, temple, and neck areas by the story taken from the patient about the starting points of the attacks. Botox injections are made to the determined trigger points, which will take about 15-20 minutes. Making the appropriate dose at the appropriate point is extremely important for the success of the treatment.

What are the advantages of migraine treatment with Botox?

The most important advantage of migraine treatment with Botox is that the use of drugs is minimized, and even the use of drugs is mostly not needed. On the other hand, 50% or more improvement is achieved in the frequency and severity of attacks. All these gains scientifically show how much migraine treatment with botox increases patient comfort.

To whom migraine treatment with Botox can be applied?

Botox use can be beneficial for every migraine patient. However, those who have frequent attacks, do not benefit much from other treatments, and have to use a lot of drugs are the most suitable patients.

 What should be considered after migraine treatment with Botox?

After migraine treatment with Botox, the full onset of the effect requires a period of 3 to 10 days. After the treatment, you return to your daily routine. There are no restrictions that will affect your business or daily life.



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