Laser Capillary Treatment

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Laser Capillary Treatment

Structural reasons

  • Staying in the sun for a long time
  • Hormones
  • Alcohol use
  • Cortisone use
  • Genetic factors

When there are capillaries on the face and body, we prefer laser treatment as As Polyclinic. 

It is necessary to apply laser procedures with a break of 4 to 8 weeks. In order to get results from a capillary treatment, it is necessary to apply at least two or four sessions. Some capillary treatment is also effective immediately when shot is performed. After the application, a slight rosiness occurs on the face. In addition, sometimes a slight crusting may occur after capillary treatment with laser.

The patient who encounters crusting or a wound on his/her face after this application should understand that this is a side effect of the application and should consult his/her doctor immediately. Laser application is easier in capillary cracks. You can get rid of this problem with one or two sessions with small touches. The important detail in the treatment of capillary cracks with laser is the dose to be applied. If the dose is applied more than the required dose, then small pits may occur on the face. For this reason, if laser treatment is considered in capillary cracks, it should be performed by a doctor who is an expert in his field. Those who have capillary laser treatment; should use moisturizer or sunscreen when they left the session after the intervention. He/she should not go outside during the hours when the sun is in direct contact with the skin, he/she should use a hat and sun oil in sunny time intervals, and take care to stay in the shade as much as possible. A slight redness may occur on the face of the patient in the first moments. This temporary redness disappears the next day. Capillary treatment begins to show itself after the second or third application. While the thick veins on the face or skin disappear immediately, the capillaries around the nose lighten and are not expected to disappear in a few sessions.

Laser Burning of Capillaries During the treatment of spider veins, laser light is given directly to these veins. The dosage of this applied beam is very important. If the color of the veins changes or disappears after being burned, it is aimed that the burning process is successful and the application gives positive results.

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