Epilation with needle

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AS Estetik Beauty Salon Experience in Epilation with Needle? (The contents presented belong to our Beauty Salon services.) 

AS Estetik Beauty Salon promises you a special experience in the application of epilation with needle, which stands out as the oldest epilation method that has been in our lives for more than 100 years, with more than 20 years of experience. 

Epilation with needle is an epilation method that is effective not only on dark hairs, but also on blond, white, red and thin hair roots. Epilation with needle is a method that works with current. The current sent from the hair channels ensures the destruction of the hair cell. All these procedures are points that require expertise and it is recommended to be applied by expert estheticians. The experience and expertise of AS Estetik Beauty Salon steps out at this point and the process is continued by making the necessary current adjustments according to the skin sensitivity of the person who prefers the application. The procedures are aimed at achieving a permanent solution with epilation with needle and AS Estetik Beauty Salon has achieved very successful results in this regard. 

How is Epilation with Needle Applied ?

Epilation with Needle application by AS Estetik Beauty Salon is conducted by entering the hair root with thin and soft needles and burning the roots with weak current electricity. The damaged hair after the burning process is removed by pulling it with tweezers in the next step. After this process, an electric current is given to the hair root with the help of a needle ed through the skin, and this current destroys the hair root by burning it. The burned hair is removed with the help of tweezers and this process is repeated for each hair. Therefore, the duration of epilation with needle application varies according to the hair density. It takes a long time to apply, especially in areas with dense hair. The most important point in epilation with needle is that the person who performs it is an expert in this subject, as it covers a long and careful process. Because if the current transmitted during the application cannot be given to the root of the hair, no results can be obtained from the application. AS Estetik Beauty Salon continues to work with its expert staff that will ensure you get the most effective result from the application with 20 years of experience. The use of a special needle for each person, the meticulous implementation of the applications and the fact that there is no loss of attention even for one second are among the most important issues for the aestheticians in AS Estetik Beauty Salon.

How Many Sessions of Epilation with Needle Is Applied?

AS Estetik Beauty Salon determines the number of sessions in epilation with needle applications according to the density of the hair in the applied area and the time of hair growth. Session intervals are initially between 1-2 weeks. As the sessions progress, the session intervals also change

Why is Epilation with Needle Preferred?

Epilation with needle is an effective method used for all hair types, providing permanent solutions and has been used for many years, so it also includes points that should be considered. Epilation with needle is a method that requires mastery and must be applied under sterile conditions by expert estheticians because it can cause pain, stain and take a long time after the application. Experience epilation with needle, which attracts attention as a choice used in permanent solution, with the difference of AS Estetik Beauty Salon.

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