Alexandrite Laser Epilation

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What is Alexandrite Laser Epilation? (The contents that are promoted belong to our Polyclinic Services.) 

Alexandrite laser epilation is an effective laser application method that is expertly performed by As Polyclinic and is mainly used for skin that is not very dark. The Alexandrite laser is retained more intensely in the melanin pigment, which gives darkness to the hair, than other lasers. This intense retention also allows to reach the deep hair roots more quickly.

What is the Difference Between Alexandrite Laser Epilation and Other Epilation Methods?

As AS Polyclinic, we can summarize the difference of Alexandrite laser epilation from other epilation methods as the fact that it is permanent, can be applied in large areas in a short time with almost no pain, and no extra special care is needed. The beams in the Alexandrite laser epilation application are absorbed by the melanin pigment, which provides the dark color in the hair, and the hair root is aimed to be destroyed by these beams. During all these procedures, the air-cooling system applied by the AS Polyclinic aims to protect your skin and reveal a painless application feeling. 

Aspects to Be Considered Before / After Alexandrite Laser Epilation Application?

It is normal for your skin to turn slightly pink after an epilation application on your body, but as As Polyclinic, we would like to point out that this pink feeling will pass in a short time. As As Polyclinic, we strongly remind you to use sunscreens in cases where the laser treated area is exposed to the sun, in case you start to have Alexandrite laser epilation application. If Alexandrite laser application will be applied to your body by As Polyclinic, we will inform you at the very beginning of the process that this application will not be effective on tanned areas and we will be waiting for the skin color to lighten before the application can be performed. You can visit our clinics with confidence, knowing that we will be using our expertise and over 20 years of experience to guide you to the right application.



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