Mesotherapy of the Scalp

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Mesotherapy of the Scalp

Mesotherapy of the scalp is the injection of vitamins, minerals and proteins etc. needed by the hair into the scalp with very fine needles. Mesotherapy of the scalp is based on the principle of giving vitamins, antioxidants and drugs that nourish hair roots and drugs that increase blood circulation directly to the hair roots by means of 4 mm special needles and an injector. During the process initiated by the specialist doctors of the AAs Polyclinic, cellular metabolism is stimulated and the appropriate ground is prepared for rejuvenating the tissues. 

How is Mesotherapy of the Scalp Applied?

As Polyclinic's experience of more than 20 years and performed by specialists in the field, mesotherapy of the scalp treatment begins with the injection of the prepared mixture under the scalp. The procedure with micro injectors is painless and hurtless. The person who is treated can easily continue his daily life after this treatment. The effect of the treatment results starts to be seen from the second session. 

 How Many Sessions of Mesotherapy of the Scalp Should Be Performed?

Mesotherapy of the scalp is usually performed in 10 sessions in As Polyclinic centers. The application time of each session is between 15-30 minutes. However, the number of sessions to be determined is decided after the As Polyclinic specialist doctors complete the hair structure analysis of the person to be treated. In the analyzes made, the number and intervals of the treatment sessions are decided by taking into account the patient's age, the rate of wear of the hair, the rate of loss and the structure of the hair strand. Generally, 10 sessions of scalp mesotherapy are applied. After the first four sessions are applied once a week, the other sessions are done every 15 days. After all sessions are completed, reinforcement sessions can be performed once a month to support the treatment.


Who Cannot Have Mesotherapy of the Scalp?

As Polyclinic centers, which do not compromise their principled stance when it comes to health, do not find this treatment method suitable for people who do not have the necessary health conditions for mesotherapy of the scalp.

In our clinics, mesotherapy of the scalp is not applied to people with heart failure,

  • people with diabetes,
  • people with kidney disease,
  • people who are in pregnancy / breastfeeding period,
  • patients receiving anticoagulant treatment.

-Tanıtımı yapılan içerikler kişiden kişiye , hormonal yapıya göre değişkenlik gösterebilir.



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