Is Laser Epilation Permanent?

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Is Laser Epilation Permanent?

Laser epilation is one of the most common methods of removing hair and hair from the body in recent years. As a result of the development of technology, laser epilation, which has become an important subject in human life, is an application that is not known as much as it is used frequently. In this sense, the most common question that even people who have laser application ask about this application is whether laser epilation is permanent. It is possible to answer this question as follows.

Laser epilation is a very permanent and successful method for women who want to get rid of hair and pilar. This method covers a period of 6-8 sessions with session intervals of 6 weeks. In this process, 80% to 90% success is achieved, while a very small amount of hair and pilar remains on your body. However, some points should be paid attention to in order to achieve this success. In this sense, we can list the factors that affect the permanence of laser epilation as follows.

  • It is not correct to remove your hair with tweezers or waxing before laser application.
  • It is possible to see the real success in laser application within 6 months following the application.
  • Knowing that hormonal changes can affect your body hair, you need to be mindful of variability such as pregnancy.
  • Hair and pilar caused by changes in the body should be repeated within 1 or 2 years following the first laser application.
  • Finally, for a successful result in laser epilation, the body structure must be settled and the adolescence period must be overcome. In this sense, 18 years for women and 20 years for men are considered the minimum age limit for laser epilation. Permanent results may not be obtained in laser epilation applied to individuals who have not reached this age.

Things to Know for Success in Laser Epilation Laser epilation is a very sensitive application that should be applied by specialist doctors. Performing this application by the wrong people may put your health at risk and may also lead to permanent damage. In this sense, the issues that people should know before applying for laser application are as follows:

  • It is not possible to apply laser epilation to very sensitive areas such as the eyes and their surroundings.
  •  Although laser epilation is introduced as painless, it is quite natural to feel pain in some sensitive areas.
  • It is not possible to get rid of hair and pilar with a single session laser application.
  • Therefore, you need to follow the process with patience.
  • This application is more successful in individuals with light skin color.
  • Therefore, if your body is bronze, it would be beneficial to postpone the application for a while.
  • The application to destroy the hairs under the lip does not offer permanent solutions.
  • Removing hair with methods such as waxing before the session leads to the failure of laser epilation.
  • The use of drugs that inhibit cell regeneration should be discontinued. Consideration should also be given to the type of device used in laser application.

Laser Epilation Prices Laser epilation is a method that is applied with a varying number of sessions depending on the density of the hairs on the body of individuals. In this sense, it is not correct to specify clear prices for laser epilation. If you want to learn how much laser application will cost and plan your budget accordingly, you can get help by contacting your specialist doctor immediately.




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