Lip Filling

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Lip Filling

Lip Filling is the process of applying hyaluronic acid-based fillers, which have a high-water absorption capacity and are naturally found in the body, to the lip area by injection. Due to the body anatomy, the upper lip stands 1-2 mm in front of the lower lip, and the lower lip appears slightly thicker than the upper lip. With As Polyclinic hyaluronic acid-based fillers, it is possible to balance this ratio effortlessly and safely. If your lips are full enough, it may not be suitable for you to add volume to your lips with lip plumping. As we age, the lips begin to thin and lose their fullness. The most important reason for this thinning on the lips is the loss of estrogen. In this case, it is possible to add volume to the lips and shape them according to demand with the injection of the required amount of filler by the doctors of the As Polyclinic. With As Polyclinic, regain the volume that your lips have lost due to years of fatigue. 

How is Lip Filling Applied?

  • Lip plumping.
  • Lip shaping.
  • Defining the lip contour.
  • Elimination of asymmetries on the lips.
  • Sagging around the lips.
  • Fine lines above the lip.

Since the lips are very sensitive, the procedures performed on this area are painful. For this reason, before starting the lip plumping application, As Polyclinic specialists use an anesthetic effective cream to ensure that the procedure is relatively more comfortable. It is left for 15-20 minutes for the anesthetic cream to take effect, and after the lips are completely numb, the filler is given to the lips with a very fine-tipped injection. The process is completed in about 10 minutes. If the anesthesia applied with superficial cream is insufficient, the filling process is performed by our doctors using local anesthesia. 

How Long Does It Take for The Lip to Return to Its Normal State After Lip Filling Application?

Lips have a structure that can swell quickly. Even if there is an edema after the application of lip augmentation applied by As Polyclinic, the lips become more acceptable after 2 hours. You can continue your normal life in the days after the lip plumping application.

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