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As Estetik Beauty Salon and Epilation Experience (Introduced contents belong to our Beauty Salon services.) 

Epilation is a permanent method that is frequently used to get rid of unwanted hair on the body and has been successfully applied by As Estetik Beauty Salon for more than 20 years.

Epilation is needed because shaving, waxing, tweezers and epilators cannot provide a permanent solution to unwanted hair on your body. Epilation aims to prevent hair re-growth thanks to a technique that destroys the hair root with heat without damaging the skin. This whole process brings along steps that require expertise. As As Estetik Beauty Salon, we trust our experience in epilation and invite you to join our experience.

What are the Benefits of Epilation?

We can show the most important benefit that epilation can be applied in every part of your body. Apart from this benefit, we can list the benefits of epilation as As Estetik Beauty Salon as getting permanent or long-term results, getting rid of all unwanted hair in the body in 6-7 sessions, regardless of hair density and thickness, and being a solution to ingrown hairs and dermoid cysts. What is the Secret of Successful Epilation? Everyone's skin type is different, so getting the best possible result requires expertise. When it comes to expertise, we can adduce our experience of more than 20 years, which distinguishes us from our competitors, as As Estetik Beauty Salon.

The secret of a successful epilation is hidden in this experience and the devoted work of our expert staff. In order for you to achieve a successful result in epilation, we will customize the most suitable epilation package for you with a free consultation at our centers.

Is epilation a risky application?

Epilation is an effective method with professional equipment by a team of experts for light-skinned distinct hair and does not pose any risk. With As Estetik Beauty Salon, great results can be obtained even for people with different skin colors and hair structures, apart from light-skinned skin. Because, As Estetik Beauty Salon offers alternative applications to its customers in order to find solutions suitable for various skin types and skin tones, including those with darker skin tones, unlike its competitors.

Who Can Have Epilation?

As As Estetik Beauty Salon, we would like to point out that epilation can be applied to anyone with dark hair on their body. Epilation is applied to all individuals over the age of 12 without any problems in our center. Epilation, which is a painless application, is applied effectively by our experienced team with the assurance of As Estetik Beauty Salon. Our advice to people who hesitates about epilation application would be to consider the experience. Achieving excellent results with Estetik Beauty Salon will help you to solve all the questions in your mind. If you have the idea of epilation in your mind and you have the idea of dealing with unwanted hair with an expert team, we welcome you to As Estetik Beauty Salon. -Promoted contents may vary from person to person, depending on the hormonal structure.

-Tanıtımı yapılan içerikler kişiden kişiye , hormonal yapıya göre değişkenlik gösterebilir.



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