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Dermapen application is used in acne scars, pores, skin resurfacing, sunspots, skin tightening, removal of fine lines and crack treatments, which are among the most important skin problems of today. This application is also used for the restructuring of the skin by increasing the collagen tissue in the face, hair, hand and neck areas, in areas with tissue loss in the body. With the Dermapen applications implemented in the As Polyclinic, the damaged tissues on the skin are reactivated and quickly repaired. This whole process continues with a meticulous working discipline under the control of expert estheticians. 

How is Dermapen Applied?

Before the Dermapen application in the As Polyclinic, the make-up residues on the skin are thoroughly cleaned and the skin is disinfected. Then, pure hyaluronic acid is applied to the area to be treated. In this treatment, our expert estheticians open multiple micro-channels on the skin and the application continues in this way. Thanks to the automatic and vibrating needling technique, the feeling of pain on the skin is reduced, the absorption of the products is accelerated and the effectiveness of the treatment is increased. This entire application is completed in about an hour. The tissue loss in the application area where Dermapen is applied is repaired and skin problems are eliminated in a short time by providing new tissue formation. In this way, the healing of the skin is completed in a very short time. Thanks to the production of collagen, damaged tissues are restructured and tightened. As Polyclinic with its experience and experience of more than 20 years, all of the Dermapen application steps are carried out meticulously and always focus on the best result. 

How Often Should Dermapen Be Done?

The number of sessions of Dermapen application is determined by As Polyclinic specialists according to the size and depth of the skin problem. In some applications, results are obtained in 3 sessions, while in some applications this number is slightly longer. Session numbers and intervals vary according to skin type and structure. For this reason, as As Polyclinic, we periodically determine the Dermapen application session interval as a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 21 sessions.

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