ND YAG Laser Epilation

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ND YAG Laser Epilation

The expression ND YAG in the name of the ND YAG laser is actually an abbreviation of a type of crystal that is very suitable for obtaining high quality laser beams, namely the crystal named neodymium doned yttrium aluminum garnet. Since the neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal is especially suitable for use at room temperature, it is used as a beam generating medium in solid-state laser types and provides a higher quality laser beam compared to other lasers. Today, laser devices using ND-YAG crystal are frequently used in the non-surgical treatment of various diseases in the medical and health sector, as well as in personal care. ND YAG laser is one of the latest laser technologies known for its ability to pass through fiber optic cables and penetrate deeper into the skin. 

How is ND YAG Laser epilation performed?

In ND YAG laser epilation, which is one of the leading methods of getting rid of unwanted hair today, the laser device emits light at wavelengths that can be absorbed by the colorant substance called melanin in the hair to permanently reduce the hair. If the color of the skin around the hair is lighter than the color of the hair, the energy of the laser concentrates on the hair shaft as the colorant that absorbs the wavelength is more intense and destroys the hair shaft without damaging the skin. The lighter the skin color and the darker the hair color, the higher the rate of rapid success in a short time.

Thanks to its long-shot beams, ND YAG laser epilation device, which can reach deep into the skin, is known as a type of epilation that can give permanent results when applied to get rid of unwanted hair.

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