Under-Eye Mesotherapy

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What is Under-Eye Mesotherapy?

Under-eye mesotherapy application is used by As Aesthetic clinics to eliminate the tired and collapsed appearance under the eyes. The bruises or bags under the eyes, which not only women but also men complain about, have become annoying regarding the aesthetic appearance. In this context, the specially developed under-eye mesotherapy application draws attention as a procedure that is a solution brought by As Aesthetics. Thanks to this application, all the problems under the eyes are configured at once, and the skin is provided to have a youthful appearance for a long time.

How Is Under-Eye Mesotherapy Application Performed?

Under-eye mesotherapy containing hyaluronic acid, hexapeptides, ascorbic acid, fruit acids, cucumber, chamomile, holly, rosemary, and blueberry, is an application performed by the specialist doctors of As Aesthetic centers by transferring to the eye area with needles as thick as a single hair. Although the session intervals vary for a person, it is applied once a week for an average of 4-5 weeks. This application, made by As Aesthetics, starts to show its effect from the first session. Under-eye mesotherapy draws attention as a frequently used application not only for women but also for men.

What are the Effects of Under Eye Mesotherapy?

Under-eye mesotherapy, applied by As Aesthetics, primarily provides a safe correction of the under-eye pit. It is a special composition produced for this area. In addition, thanks to the restructuring complex it contains, it highly improves the quality of the skin around the eyes. Under-eye mesotherapy is successfully applied by As Aesthetic specialists for rejuvenating the eye area and removing bruises and ringing.

What Should Be Considered Following Under-Eye Mesotherapy?

After the application of under-eye mesotherapy performed by AS Aesthetic doctors, slight redness may occur. This redness will go away in 3-4 hours. For such redness cause you anxiety, ice is applied by our specialists after the treatment. The points to be considered after all these steps are as follows.

  • The treated area should never be touched, and the area should not be rubbed.
  • A very hot bath should not be taken on the first day after the application.
  • Excessive facial movements and excessive laughing should be avoided because of the possibility of creating wrinkles in the first two days following the application.
  • Active sports should not be performed in the first days.
  • No cosmetic products or creams should be used in the first days, except for the advice of specialist doctors who have performed the procedure in AS Aesthetic centers.



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