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What is Dermaroller? (The promoted contents belong to our Beauty Salon services.)

Dermaroller is a type of treatment tool consisting of 192 to 240 needles, mostly made of stainless steel (but titanium should be preferred for hygiene), with a cylindrical rotating head and micro-prepared and symmetrically placed on this head. In this treatment in the As Aesthetic Beauty Salon, micro-channels will be opened on the skin by moving the specially prepared micro needles with different angles over the skin surface to be treated. All these processes are carefully applied with the experience of As Aesthetic Beauty Salon and the wound healing mechanism of the body (collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production) is stimulated without any damage to the skin surface. After this stimulation, effective results are obtained in many areas, from acne scars to large pores, from intense hair loss to removal of skin cracks. 

How is Dermaroller Applied? 

Since the Dermaroller process has a needle-like structure, it is applied to the skin after the area to be applied (usually the face) is thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial cleanser at As Aesthetic Beauty Salon. At Aesthetic Beauty Salon, expert estheticians work on the skin with the needles on the Dermaroller at a 90-degree right angle and implement the application that penetrates deep into the skin. The purpose of this application is to open tiny channels (holes) on the entire skin surface. There is no harm in going over the same area more than once with a derma roller. Serum, mask, and other vitamin-containing products to be applied to these areas will be absorbed by the skin in a very comfortable way.

How Often Should Dermaroller Be Applied? 

Dermaroller application is applied as a treatment method in As Aesthetic Beauty Salon. This application is done in a period of 4 to 10 sessions, mostly once a week. After 5 sessions are completed, a 15-day break can be taken. The next process is carried out once a month under the supervision of expert estheticians of As Aesthetic Beauty Salon. Before starting the Dermaroller application, the condition and sensitivity of the skin are evaluated in detail by As Beauty Salon professionals, and the frequency of the application is determined in this evaluation. 

What are the Benefits of the Dermaroller Application? 

Dermaroller is a method that can be applied not only to the face area but also to the lips, neck, décolleté area, scalp, and cellulite. We can list the benefits of this application method as As Aesthetic Beauty Salon as follows;

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It removes sunspots.
  • It heals acne scars.
  • It treats skin blemishes.
  • It eliminates sutures and surgical scars.
  • It makes pores shrink.
  • It reduces under-eye wrinkles and bags.
  • It gives volume to the lips. 
  • It reduces facial redness.
  • It removes skin cracks.
  • It prevents hair loss and paves the way for hair growth in bald areas. 
  • It renews the skin and increases its radiance. 

If you want to benefit from all these with the As Aesthetic Beauty Salon experience, we welcome you to our beauty salons.

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