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What is Botox? 

Botox is a drug obtained from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, used to relax the muscles. Botox, which has been used in different fields of medicine for more than 20 years and applied to relieve muscle contractions, is also one of the most reliable and easiest methods to remove wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the face. This application is safely performed by specialist doctors with experience of more than 20 years in As Aesthetic centers.

To Which Areas Is Botox Applied?

In As Aesthetic beauty centers, Botox implementation can be easily performed on the body parts listed below.

  • On the upper face, frowning eyebrow area, forehead and crowbar lines areas
  • In all areas with intense facial wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Vertical lines appear on the neck due to aging
  • Vertical lines on the lip called smoker lines 
  • To the chin and the tip of the nose.

How Is Botox Applied?

In As Aesthetic centers, the necessary control stages and tests are completed before starting the Botox procedure, and then the botulinum toxin is injected into the tissue after it is diluted. On average 20 minutes before the injection, Aesthetic specialists apply a local anesthetic cream to the area. After cleaning the application area, the toxin is injected into the muscles with fine-tipped needles at required doses. The process takes an average of 15 minutes. Botulinum toxin injected into the muscle tissue begins to show its effect in 3 to 4 days following application.

What are the Benefits of Botox?

The biggest benefit of the Botox application made by As Aesthetics is that it is completely natural. Botox; is a protein obtained from a bacterium called "Clostridium botulinum", the function of this enzyme is to cut off the signals going from the brain to the muscle, thus making it dysfunctional. All signals to the muscle within a certain period reveal some wrinkles on the skin due to repeating facial expressions. Such wrinkles are finalized with the Botox application made by As Aesthetic experts. Another benefit of the Botox application is that it does not have any side effects. Even in the biggest doses, it does not cause damage to any of your organs. Botox application does not cause damage and prevents deterioration of your natural appearance. Thanks to the partial transfer of the dose injected by as estheticians, your face will not suddenly undergo a drastic change and will naturally change and hide.

Who Cannot Have Botox Application?

As Aesthetics, we never compromise our principled stance when it comes to health. For this reason, personal health conditions are always the most important issue for us, regarding which application will be made to whom and how.

  • We can say that those who have certain kinds of muscle diseases.
  • Breastfeeding mothers. (Botulinum toxin can pass to the baby through milk)
  • Pregnant.
  • shall not have a botox application.

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